Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Act I Scene I

SCENE: Illyria station in orbit over Risa in the Mirror Universe

ACT I. SCENE I. The quarters of Cpt ARCHER on Illyria Station

MUSIC [CROSS FADE] Scene change from production theme to Risa theme which starts to sound slightly “tinny” until we hear that it is coming from primitive speakers as …

ARCHER is standing staring out of a view port looking down at Risa below. The chime goes of at his door

MUSIC [Bed] Ethnic Risa music – vaguely oriental playing in the room


Door slides open, Lieutenant steps through, door closes. Archer approaches eager for news

MU ARCHER Well? What did she say?

Lt VALENTINE Sir! I... Tried my best but I couldn't get past her new “Imperial” guard. She's so paranoid about assassination that...

MU ARCHER [THREATENING] You didn't even see her?

Lt VALENTINE [PANICKY] Sir, I tried everything, the presents, the bribes, I called in favours from old friends but she says she is in mourning for Captain Forrest

MU ARCHER [ASIDE] She was using him as much as she was using me! [ALOUD] How do I know you didn't just turn and run at the door?

Whips Phase Pistol from holster and holds it to the man's neck

MU ARCHER Didn't I emphasise it strongly enough to you that I need to see her again? How can I convey the importance of your mission to you?

Lt VALENTINE Sir! [TERRIFIED] I tried everything! Threats, bribes... there's nothing that could get me past her retainers!

Puts pistol back into holster, turns as if to move away but then spins back and strikes man across the face

MU ARCHER Get out of my sight!

MU ARCHER [SHOUTS] And turn off that damn caterwauling!!

As Valentine scrambles to get up and out of the room, Archer walks back to the view port. When he gets there he picks up his wine goblet and flings it against the wall

MU ARCHER [ASIDE] Its not music or wine that I need! Its her! She's the only one who's ever left me... I want her back!... and the Defiant [SLYLY] Yes, the Defiant...

MUSIC [CROSS FADE] Scene change from Archer theme to Risa theme


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