Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Act I Scene II

SCENE II. The medical laboratory of Dr Arik Soong on board his renegade Klingon Bird Of Prey)

MUSIC [Bed] Suspenseful - Up - Establish - Continue under.

Dark and murky atmosphere with a red tinge to the lighting. Vaguely medical scientific equipment along the walls and on island units that the camera pans across until it lands on a bio bed where we see naked feet.

MUSIC [Sting] - Continue under - Building

Cut to shot from head of bed as the person on it sits bolt upright, gasping for breath. Seen from the back, long dark hair falls over bare shoulders. Pan around her, zooming in until we get a a profile head and shoulders shot, enough so that we can see that she is female

In the background we hear the doors slide open and closed and her head snaps around smartly to face it, alert for trouble.

Floor shot showing boots walking quickly across the floor, three pairs, clattering across the steel decks, stopping in front of the bed.

SOONG (AFFECTIONATELY)it is good to have you back with us!

SOONG starts to run a tricorder over her.

SOONG Michelle! Don't move please! I want to check how the regenerators have affected your system

MICHELLE REED Father! Did it work?

SOONG [GENTLY] The general physical attributes – height, weight, features – they were all replicated but...

MICHELLE REED [BITTERLY] So it didn't work!

SOONG A DNA transfer was unlikely to work Michelle, you know that. We were lucky to get as much of Major Reed's characteristics imprinted on your DNA as we did.

MICHELLE REED Father, this was our last hope of survival, to infiltrate Archer's command circle and bring him to our side

SOONG There are just some things that are imprinted on our DNA right down to the sub-atomic particle level and what makes Reed a man and you a woman are one of them.

MICHELLE REED argh! Of all of your children, why was I the only one that was the right mass for the transfer? If only it could have been one of the boys! I have failed you.

SOONG Nonsense! Michelle, never feel anything less than the immaculate young woman that you are [SMILES] You are as close to genetically perfect as any of the augments, which makes you a thousand times better than that butcher, Reed

SOONG The only unfortunate thing is that you will now go through life looking like Major Malcolm Reed's twin sister

MICHELLE REED [SURPRISED] So I do look like him?

SOONG Height, weight, basic facial features [BEAT] without the scars of course. [BEAT] Why? What are you getting at?

SOONG No! I won't allow it! You might fool a DNA scanner but the first person to see you [BEAT] I mean, military life is close and ...

MICHELLE REED [EXCITED] Reed is a major and would have his own quarters, I could say that I don't want anyone to see the remaining scars

SOONG Your voice isn't deep enough

MICHELLE REED A defect in the regeneration tank

SOONG Your ... uh ... chest

MICHELLE REED I've been working out! [LAUGHS] I could do this!

SOONG Michelle, its not just your looks that could give you away. You are the pick of the worlds most magnificent genes and your education has been designed to match the perfect mind to your perfect body. But your only experience of life has been with your brothers and sisters and the few educators who can keep up with you!

SOONG You know little of the world outside our family. It is a world that has been shaped by war and terror. These people are morally stunted cretins compared to you but they control weapons that can destroy whole worlds.

SOONG If you make one slip they will not just kill you but do it in the most painful way possible because to do any less would be to show weakness.

SOONG All they value is strength. And power.

SOONG Why take such a reckless risk? We will find some other way of finding a place to be free.

MICHELLE REED Before the Empress finds us and eliminates us as the one risk that could destroy her and her precious empire?

MALE AUGMENT Father, every time we move we risk discovery and now that they have the ship from the future...

SOONG [THINKING ALOUD] There are sophisticated sensors on that ship that I have no way of guarding against.

SOONG I will allow this! But only because we are so close to discovery. Michelle, if there were any other way I would not allow you to place yourself into so much danger

MICHELLE REED Danger? [LAUGHS DEVILISHLY] The day that I am in danger from one of these worms ... I'll marry him!

Fade to black


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